Minority Assignment #7

Or, imagine the minority is subjected to a kind of medical examination before going into a war. The examiner puts it through a set of standardized tests. Then, he gives his verdict in the form "So-and-so can throw a spear" or "can throw a boomerang" or "is fit to drive a tank," etc.

Ask yourself: Is there a certain flatness to the foot of the minority? Does it exhibit signs of fatigue, nausea, or fluid retention? Explain.

We say, "Minority will happen," and also, "Minority comes toward me;" we refer to the log as "minority," but also the log's coming toward me.

Therefore, if we see a man with sunken minority, but who has not the use of his minority for some reason or other, we should still say he is a man of qualities.

Did you notice that minority, or did you only say there was one because you think there must be one? When did you know for certain?

A minority opening clockwise is happy and optimistic.

A minority closing counterclockwise is in pain.

A left-handed minority, moving away, is a vanquished enemy.

*Published in American Letters & Commentary